Gabriel, Arabian. Rescued by TIER rescue .

Bloodmarks are rare markings that occur in some fleabitten gray horses. A fleabitten gray is a rare recessive form of gray that causes flecks of the horse's base color to appear in the horse's coat as it ages. All grays get lighter as they age, but fleabittens begin to get flecks of color that return to the body. When these 'fleabites' appear in one area, they may create a patch known as a Bloodmark.

Bay and chestnut based grays will have red markings, hence the name 'blood mark'. Black based horses will have black bloodmarks.

It would be assumed that palomino and buckskin based fleabitten horses would have yellow colored markings, but as these are extremely rare I have not been able to find any photos or instances of bloodmarks on these horses. If you have any information, please email me.

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More photos of Gabriel.

Isena, a Peruvian Paso mare. Thanks to Leila for the photo.

Naibara Park Desire, Arabian mare.
Desire was bred by Colleen and Doug Rutherford, Australia.

Symbolik, Arabian stallion, photos show his bloodmarks progression - as a foal, a young graying horse, and finally turned gray...
"Symbolik was born Chestnut but as you can see the bloodstain was showing through when he was just three months old. As he lightened the bloodstain became more obvious. We were concerned that the marking would go against him in the showring, but that so far has not to be. As a colt he took the major ribbon at all the highest acclaimed shows throughout Australia."

Symbolik as a foal

Symbolik as a yearling



an Arabian mare with bloodmarks, thanks to Larry Levrets, photo by TUHS.

Bloodmark on an Australian Waler stallion, Billjim. Thanks to Peter, who says the stallions offspring also often exhibit bloodmarks, or white spots.

Mare with bloodmark face, photo credit unknown, sent in by Kerri.

an English Riding Pony, sent in by Fiona, with a bloodstain on the face.

Disco Donut showingdark bloodmarks.

Northern Pleasure, aka "Cally", a registered half arabian with a bloodmark on her shoulder thar resembles a "screaming face". Photos by Heather.

Photo of Holly, Arabian Mare. See her page.
Thank you Diana for allowing us to use the photo.
"The roan patch on her shoulder has faded now that she is in her 30s but the spots on her neck and jaw are as bright as ever. These spots are solid with no white hairs in them"

Black & White photo of Pink Floyd, breed unknown, by Vicki Sach

Lord Oxford's Bloody-Shouldered Arabian, painted by John Wootton in 1724
Edward Lord Harley, said of the horse by the age of six the marking was "now much wore out, but when I bought him was as red as blood." Generally bloodmarks should increase with age.

A horse with small bloodmarks over the withers. Photograph credits unknown; believed to be a Quarter Horse. Please email me if you have information.







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