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This is one of the largest horse dictionaries on the internet (soon to be THE largest). It includes all types of equine terms, from medical, equipment, racing, horse people, and even slang and obsolete words and phrases.
NOTE: General medical terms (IE, Sprain, Bruise, etc.) are NOT in this dictionary as this is a HORSE dictionary, not a medical dictionary. Only medical terms as they apply to horses are included. Otherwise we could have thousends of not-really-horse-related terms.

New terms are added constantly. This dictionary was written/created by me, Annamaria Tadlock, and it is NOT to be copied or used in any way without prior written permission.

Horse terms are arranged alphabetically on each page. Use the "Find In Page" box to search the page for a term. You may also use your browser's "find" option ( Press the CTRL and F key at the same time) to find things in the pages.

You do not need the dictionary to just look up words; you may also use it to help find facts about them, too. For example, you know what a horse's EYE is, but looking up EYE will not just tell you what it is, it will also give you facts about the horse's EYE.

If you cannot find a word you would like to know, OR, if you would like to add a word to the dictionary, you will find a form at the bottom of this page to use. If you know website that pertains to a term mentioned in the dictionary, please use the form to send that site's address and it might be added to the dictionary.

Sections in THIS COLOR are not functional at this time. They are still being worked on.

There are currently 641 words in the dictionary.

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(Can also be used if you are looking for the definition of a word not listed-- I will do some research & see what I can find)


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