26 Free Fun Horse Games & Puzzles

Free, fun, online horse games that you can play on the computer. Some horse horse games, others are farm/ranch-related. Many are Horse-iefied versions of free online games.

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New Game - Treat Drop!
Try to grab as many treats to feed the pony before the timer runs out!

ppleoosa horse game!
Sort apples for your horse before the time runs out!

Messenger Girl horse game!
Ride your pony to deliver a message as fast as you can!

Miniature Horse Game - click to playMad Minis Horse Game
They're gonna take over the world unless you give them what they want -- treats!


Test your memory game - with horse heads!Horse Memory Game
12 pairs of horse heads, each with different color/markings, are mixed -- try to match them. A classic puzzle game!


Steeplechase Challenge Horse Game
Try to win by whipping & jumping your horse. Opens in new window.


Chat with a chatterbot! Talk to a computer about horses!
A chatterbot is an Artificial Intelligence robot that will talk to you. Go ahead, try it out! Chat about horses

Gopher Bash Horse Game

Gophers have taken over your horse's pasture... smash them before they ruin it!


"Trotting Tracks" is a racing game where you can bet on race horses.
The horses have odd names like "Fast Flip-Flop" and "Sir AlwaysLast". Lose all your money, and you're kicked off the track. Opens in new window.


Sell Lemonade Game : Horse Version of this free online game!Lemonade Stall
You're selling lemonade at a horse show. You set the price and quality. Can you please your customers & make money?

Online horse game: Treasure IslandTreasure Island
Can you get your horse safely to the island? Choose a treasure chest and then click to send your horse off! From another site; opens in a new window. Just close it to return.


Barrel Racing GameBarrel Blast
See how fast you can steer the horse around the barrels. This barrel racing game is from horsecity, which is not a part of this site, so the link will open in a new window. Close it to return to this page.


Horse arcade gameGotcha Gray
Can you round up the gray horse(s), without catching the chestnuts too? Pretty hard!

Horse game where you clean and brush your horseClean the Palomino
You have 35 seconds-- run the brushes over him to get him clean!


Like "snake", but this online game uses horses and apples instead!Horse Herd
Eat the apples, and your herd will grow. Watch out -- don't run into the walls or another horse, or you'll die! My best score is 7000- can you beat it?

This horse game is an equine version of ping-pong!Pasture Pong!
Move your horse with the mouse to bounce the ball across the fence toward the other horse. Extremely hard!


Horse racing game - free online racehorse game Horse Race
Pick the horse that you think will win, and bet on it.


This horse puzzle will test your memory. Can you put the horse face together  correctly?Horse Puzzle Game -
Face Scramble

Try to memorize the horse's face, and then try to rebuild it. Challenging & fun!


This is not really a game, it's more of a toyThe PonyPoopers!!
Don't let them get too close to your mouse, or they will-- well, you'll see! Funny! A "toy" as it has no objective...

Play tic-tac-toe online - but this is a horse version!Horse Tic-Tac-Toe
Horse VS Carrot -- you are the horse. Can you beat the carrot?


Box the pony game!Box The Pony
You & the computer take turns making sides... 4 sides makes a box. The player with the most boxes wins.


Catch the pony game!Catch The Pony
Try to click the pony as it darts around the page. Link opens in a new window.


Horse Hangman
Try to guess the horse-related words.

Draw Horses Online
Draw your own horse, rate other people's drawings... see how others rate your art! Not really a game, but fun!

Make your horse game, create your horse game, customize horse and tack gameTack Picker
Not really a game...You can pick a horse, and pick tack, saddle pad, boots, rider's clothes, etc.! Use it to pick out colors that look good with your horse, or just play with it for fun :)


Horse Breeds Hangman
A new hangman game using horse breeds.


I don't know the specific authors of the games, however the game scripts were from dynamicdrive.com, javaboutique, freeware java, & other free script sites. If you know the author (or are the author) and want a link or credit, please email me, I'll be glad to do that. Thanks!


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