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Horse stories: Tell us your horse stories-- whether you nursed a sickly foal, lost a beloved horse to a freak accident, dealt with a farrier from hell, or overcome your fear with the help of a horse, we want to hear your story!

Sarita's Gift by Kristy Hallmark
After losing her barrel horse gelding, Kristy was heartbroken. She thought she'd never find another great horse again... until Sarita came along.
But when Sarita is diagnosed with a brain tumor, it threatens not only her life-- but the life of her unborn foal.

Rasha's Dream by E. Blazer
What life is like for Rasha, a horse-crazy girl living in Gaza City.

New Beginnings by Micheal Johnson
As a friend once said, “I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but when my horse didn’t know how to do something, I hit him across the butt with the rope. Funny, if my daughter didn’t know how to do her homework, I would never consider hitting her for it.”


A Cowboy is Called Home by Beth Dore
No way can a blip of an article capture the wondrous and amazing person Barry was. He loved adventure and the outdoors. He had such unbreakable bonds with his horses – mutual trust and respect. He was my best friend.

Bo, You're Incredible - Nonfiction by Hayley
"He was easily 17hh, and very skinny. His ribs poked out; I could count all of them. He had a rough coat that looked more like a bay than a chestnut. His paddock looked like a bomb site -- it had old cars strewn about, and I couldn't even locate a water trough. There wasn't a shred of food, only dust.


The Life of a Carriage Horse by Theresa Komor
Theresa explains why people who want to ban carriage horses because it is "cruel" or "inhumane" are often misinformed.
Meet Duke, a beautiful former New York City carriage horse.


Horse Poop by Becki Bell
You love your horse. You feed him, you groom him, you bring him carrots and horse cookies, you scratch him, and what does he give you in return? 18,000 pounds of manure every single year.


The Story of a Rodeo Bronco: Miss Congeniality

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9

Fire! Prepare to Evacuate by Eleanor Blazer

The Perfect Horse by Annamaria Tadlock
What is the Perfect Horse?

Ebony's Story
A true horse story by Kyra Naude, 14, of South Africa

Avie-Mare: How a Missouri Foxtrotter changed the life of her owner
I had not slept through the night in almost 20 years, was haunted by my past, cursed by my present, and drowning in despair. However, I had absolutely no clue that a momentous event was about to occur: one that would forever change the way I looked at myself and the world around me.


New: Elephants In The Pasture

Story: Tree Harvest - Deane Wassink

Children's Story: Copper Rose by Julia Evans

The Aging of Old Friends
by Raydene Labatore

Short Fiction Story: Blackjack by Jenna Lynn

A Simple Statement by Julia Dake

The Little Black by Michael Johnson
Such a squirt he was. I was mad at him for the first six months of his life ‘cause he was so little.


An Education in Pinhooking
Hugh Mooney describes his first experience buying a racehorse:

The idea is to buy a Thoroughbred yearling at the sale coming up next month then sell it at their May, Two-Year-Olds In Training sale. She would provide the training up to the sale and I would provide the cost of feed, shoeing and vet bills. And, at the end we would split the ‘big’ bucks equally.




A nonfiction short story by Mary Wrenn, age 13

Annabell's Wish
by Laurie Woodruff, age 15


The Junkyard Stallion by Sue Martin
Have you ever found something very unusual and beautiful in the most unlikely place? Maybe a rare hothouse flower growing in the midst of weeds, or a gleaming, sparkly jewel, somehow lost in a muddy field. Well, this is the story of my find, of my Junkyard Stallion…



Steel's Story by Allie
He won the battle with colic, but lost his life to a fracture.

A Girl's First Horse by Sarah S. - Dedicated to the most amazing horse alive

High Sierra Halflinger by Victoria Beelik

The Mud Bath by Lena Palmer

My Dream Turned into A Nightmare by Megan Smith
Indigo Dreams, aka Cobalt, was her first horse. It only took two months for her dream to turn into a nightmare.

The Legend of the Bloodmarked Arabian

Unusual Horse Story Contest Winners - View 7 pages of Unusual Horse Stories here!

Matinee Mimic, Horse Story - A girl is given a sickly TB mare.

Troubled Kids and Horses a good Combination - Double L Ranch rescues horses, and in return, they teach troubled teens...
Tigger by Megan - Horse Story
Love at First Sight - Horse Story ~ The story of two quarter horses.
Heart's Desire by Sarah S - Horse Story. - The filly only lived for 6 days, but for a young girl she left memories for a lifetime.

The Perfect Horse
What is the Perfect Horse? It's not what you think.
Molly the Miracle Mare - Nonfiction
A young girl gets a wonderful gift- a pony named Molly-- but something goes terribly wrong.

Blessing Day
A fox hunting story
3-Part Series on Secretariat....
by Gayle Farmer - Based on a true story
Part 1: Toss of a Coin
Part 2: The Triple Crown
Part 3: The Final Chapter
My Dream Come True
Rachael, age 10, tells about her horse Skip.
The Story of Sierra
A 12-year old gets to know Sierra, a wild mustang, who leaves her too soon. Nonfiction.
Lila - Loved & Lost
A girl's tribute to her lovely Arab mare, Lila.
Tres Cher's Story - Based on nonfiction
A mare to her foal...


A Hunting We Will Go! Non-fiction
A fox hunting adventure in the snow...

The Legend of Sir Robert
How did Sir Robert's dead horse kill him?
The Unknown Danger - Based on nonfiction
"Animal Rights" terrorists attack a horse barn...
and represent a new danger to all horse owners.

What should we call our filly?
Story sent in by a 14-year-old girl. Nonfiction.
My Golden Palomino
Wanda says goodbye, and remembers,
her wonderful friend and companion of 18 years.
Our First Rodeo Victory
A barrel racer's first rodeo win! Non-fiction.
The Mule In A Well Story
A neat little story with a moral.

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