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Free horse wallpaper for your computer! Your desktop -- the area of the computer that you see when no programs are open -- can be decorated with these photos. Please note that although these photos are free for your noncommercial use, I still reserve all rights. You may not alter, sell, distribute, give away, or use these images for commercial purposes. Thank you.

First, you need to know your screen resolution so the images will fit --

Then, just click the resolution of the horse wallpaper you want -- it will take you to that image and you can RIGHT CLICK, and choose "Save as Wallpaper" or "Set As Background" depending on your computer.


Arabian Horse Wallpaper
800X600 - 1024X768
Mare in the Morning Light
(Photograph of Melody, Arabian mare)
Running Appaloosa Wallpaper
800X600 - 1024X768 - 1280X800
Galloping Appy
(Photograph of Softly, Appaloosa mare)
Galloping Horse Wallpaper
800X600 - 1024X768 - 1280X800
Gallop Over To...
(A Quarter horse, Tennessee walker, Paint, & Appaloosa)
Running horses wallpaper
800X600 - 1024X768 - 1280X800
Let's Race
(Maverick, Tennessee Walker gelding, and Softly, Appy mare)
Standing horse wallpaper
800X600 - 1024X768 - 1280X800
Standing On A Hill
(Softly, appaloosa mare)
Horse Quote Wallpaper
800X600 - 1024X768 - 1280X800
"The wind of heaven is that which blows between a horse's ears".
(Photo taken from the back of Quin, Quarter Horse gelding)
Galloping Arabian horse wallpaper
800X600 - 1024X768 - 1280X800
Xenophon Quote, "A horse is a thing of such beauty... none will tire of looking at him so long as he dispays himself in his splendor".
(Photo of Arabian mare, Melody)
Grazing horse wallpaper
800X600 - 1024X768 - 1280X800
Navajo Horse Song
* More Horse Wallpaper Coming Soon *



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