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The mouthpieces of bits are often made of these metals (or sometimes combinations of them). The bit rings or cheeks are made of stainless steel metal, but the mouthpieces may be made of the following metals (or combinations of them):

Stainless Steel:

A shiney silver metal that does not rust and looks clean and neat. It does not give off a tasty flavor.

Sweet Iron:

Sweet iron is a dark color and is designed to rust. As it rusts, it produces a sweet taste that horses like.


Copper's flavor encourages horses to salivate, keeping their mouths soft.

Rubber Mouths:

Rubber is a new type of mouthpiece that is not very common. Some bits may be regular unflavored rubber, but it also comes in apple flavor.

Inlay & Combinations

Bits may have metal inlay, or sections of a different type of metal. For example, there are sweet iron bits with copper inlay, and stainless steel bits with copper inlay. Bits may also have metal rollers, which are like beads that the horse can play with. An example is a D-ring bit with a stainless steel mouth that features copper rollers.


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