Hoof and Leg Anatomy





The Hoof

1. Bulbs of Heels     2. Frog     3.Sole of Hoof   4.Bars
5. Apex of Frog     6. Central Sulcus of Frog, or Lateral Furrow of Frog
7. White Line     8. Hoof Wall

The Legs

The Front Leg

1. Coffin Bone, or Third Phalanx   2. Second Phalanx, or Small Pastern  
3. Large Pastern, or First Phalanx 4. Humerus  
5. Radius   6. Pisiform  
7. Large Metacarpal   8. Trapizoid,or Ulna  
9.Splint Bone   10. Sesamoid Bone

The Hind Leg

1. The Femur or Tarsus     2. The Stifle Joint     3. The Tibia     4.Hock Joint    
5. Long Pastern, or Third Phalanx     6. The short pastern, or Second Phalanx     7. Pedal bone, Coffin Bone, or Third Phalanx
8. Cannon Bone     9. Splint Bone     10. Sesamoid

The Hock Joint

1. the tibia
2. fibular tarsal bone, or calcaneus
3. talus, or tibial tarsal bone.
4. splint bone
5. cannon bone
6. second tarsal (T2)
7. third tarsal (T3)
8. centeral tarsal (TC)

Fetlock Joint

1. Superficial Digital Flexor Tendon
2. Cannon Bone
3. Sesamoid Bone
4. Deep Digital Flexor Tendon
5.Navicular Bone
6. Coffin Bone
7. Short Pastern, or 2nd Phalanx
8. Long Pastern, or 1st Phalanx
9. Digital Extensor Tendon
10. Fetlock Joint
11. Pastern Joint
12. Coffin Joint




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