The Horse's External Anatomy & Skeleton


External Anatomy - the parts of the horse diagram is below:





1. Ear     2. Forelock     3. Eye     4. Nostril     5. Chin Groove    
6. Cheek     7. Throat Latch     8. Point of Chest     9. Forearm     10. Knee    
11. Hooves     12. Fetlock Joint     13. Front Cannon     14. Point of Elbow     15. Stifle    
16. Gaskin     17. Hind Cannon     18. Coronet Band     19. Pastern     20. Hock    
21. Point of Buttock     22. Tail     23. Dock     24. Loins     25. Withers    
26. Crest     27. Shoulder     28. Barrel     29. Flank     30. Hindquarters     31. Croup    

Skeleton of the Horse Diagram

1. The Skull     2. Mandible     3. Scapula     4. Atlas
5. Axis     6.Scapula Cartilage     7. Vertebrae    8.Ilium
9. Femur     10. Hock Joint     11.Cannon Bone     12.Tibia     13. Stifle Joint
14. Ribs     15.Elbow     16.Pastern
17.Pedal, or Coffin bone, or Third Phalanx     18.Short Pastern, or Second Phalanx     19. Long Pastern, or First Phalanx
20. Knee Joint     21. Radius     22. Elbow Joint     23. Humerus

This is a horse's skull. The teeth near the front of the mouth are incisors.They are used to chop grass and other food. The smooth place with no teeth is called the bars. That is where the bit rest's in the horse's mouth. The two small, sharp teeth are called canines, or tushes. All sexes can grow them, but it seems that they are more common geldings and stallions than in mares. As long as they do not grow to large or interfere with the bit, they are usualy fine. If they do, then you can have your vet file them off. The teeth in the very back are the molars. They are used to crush and grind the horse's food.




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