What is The Fastest Breed Of Horse

Horses are beautiful, majestic, and powerful animals. Known for their leg strength and might, these creatures can always be quite a challenge to chase down due to their incredible speed.

Lots of breeds of horses are show-stopping runners and can go much faster than most other land animals of their size. Here are the top three fastest horses are known to man.

Normally, measuring speed is a tricky matter. I know what you are thinking… what’s so tricky about measuring speed? you can simply clock the top speed of a horse. Of course, you could. However, speed only matters when measured in context with distance.

Quater horses go very short distances while the thoroughbred horses race various distances from 5/8 of a mile to 2 miles.

What is The Fastest Breed Of Horse?

The fastest breed of horses is the thoroughbred horse with speeds of over 43 miles per hour.

1.Thoroughbred – The Fastest Horse Breed

Thoroughbred - The Fastest Horse BreedHere we go, the top of the charts. The Thoroughbred horses are the fastest horses known to man. WIth incredible paces of 70.6 kilometers per hour, this breed has certainly earned its title.

This hot blooded horse is very energetic, competitive, and always fired up and ready to go. Their quick reaction during races and beautiful looks make them a favorite for people to watch during the races.

They originated when the English decided to mix Byerly Turk, the Darley Arabian, and the Godolphin Barb-they discovered the amazing Thoroughbred. The natural skill in the bloodline has given this horse plenty of advantages in not only shows, but also in sporting events such as barrel racing, show jumping, and three-day eventing.

With speeds of over 43 miles per hour, the Thoroughbreds are the fastest horses out there. American Quarter Horses may be able to attain higher speeds than the Thoroughbreds, however, they can’t maintain those speeds for very long periods of time. Unfortunately for these horses, nearly 10 percent of them have orthopedic issues, including fractures and breaks.

For every thousand racehorses of this breed, 1.5 of them end in career-destroying breakdowns-putting this horse at a disadvantage in comparison to other racers. 10 percent of these horses also suffer from low fertility rates, and 5 percent come with heart abnormalities. These horses also have smaller hooves, which leads to thinner cartilage on their bodies-in term, simply leads to soreness and aches.

2. American Quarter Horse – The Adaptable Breed

American Quarter HorseSecond, on our list, we have the American Quarter horse. Known to be very adaptable and versatile, these horses have lots of incredible stories about them.

The biggest feature about them-however-are their incredible sprinting records. Although they can’t go for long distances compared to the Arabian. Furthermore, the American Quarter Horse is amazing at quick bursts of movement and speed.

If you need a fast horse for short distances, the American Quarter Horse is what you’re looking for. Mixing the blood of English and Spanish horses, these were bred specifically to give them the versatility and adaptability of their ancestors, with the trained knowledge of the Americas. They are often more compact and muscular, and although their bursts of energy are great, this breed is much more suitable for ranch work than racecourses.

The American Quarter Horse can run up to speeds of 55 miles per hour, putting their short bursts of energy to great use! This breed has the largest horse society worldwide-with over 3 million of them registered and in use. This breed has two main body types: The Hunter type and the racing, or stock type.

The stock breed is the plumper, thicker type of the two. Suitable more for farm work than racing, it’s compact, yet well-muscled body is great for busy work on the farm. The Hunting body type is much larger, and resembles more of the Thoroughbred. Due to their extreme muscle mass, this type’s diet has been up for debate by many dieticians and scholars for a long time.

The American Quarter Horse, unlike most of the other breeds, also comes in all different colors. However, they primarily will be born as a Sorrell or brownish-red.


3. Arabian Horses  – The Friendly Breed

3rd from the top, the Arabians have been around much longer than the other breeds on this list. Best known for its record-setting endurance runs, this gifted breed has incredible stamina. A very intelligent and friendly animal, the Arabians are very kind and even-tempered animals-despite their quick actions and hot-blooded personality.

It is believed that due to the close relationships they once held with humans, they have become the compatible creatures that they are today. Despite the smaller size of these horses, they were once used by great generals in the wars as battle horses and mounts. With their unique abilities to conserve energy on a long-distance run, this breed can go for long miles before having to take a break.

The Arabians are the pillar of the horse breed community, with a whopping top speed of 40 miles per hour!

Due to their desert location nearly 4,500 years ago-the Arabian’s stamina is like no other horse. Also, despite their small frame and size, this horse comes packed with plenty of strength, capable of carrying large and heavy riders.

Despite their size, the Arabians are still considered horses on this list.

A typical horse will stand at 14.2 hands-however, the Arabians average is around 14.1 hands. Their bodies are well angled for running, with small windpipes, laid back shoulders, and a refined head with large nostrils and an arched neck.

With many different factors coming into play about this breed, they are often used to enhance current horse breeds in breeding and reproduction of the raw talent they possess.


Breeding Is More Important Than Training
These three racing titans are incredibly fast. With careful breeding that has taken place over the last several centuries, the blood and talent that has been mixed into these horses surpass any other in their class.

It takes a lot of time and patience to create the perfect racehorse, but as you can see, we have three amazing breeds that are raring and ready to go.

With strength, speed, agility, and special care, these horses beat the stats. Whether they’re racing on a track, trudging through the mud on a farm, or out in the snow, the speeds these creatures possess can’t be challenged or denied.

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